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AFTER NATIONS Releases Split 10" Vinyl 'Hypnagogia' with EAT THE SUN on CrassFed Records

Pure Grain Audio

Prog-stronaut projects Eat the Sun and After Nations have announced that they are releasing a split this summer. Scheduled to be the premiere release of CrassFed Records, the 10” vinyl will feature two new songs "Blackout Blinds" and "Wake the Vessels". The split’s title and concept, Hypnagogia - the state of threshold or transitional consciousness between the sleeping and waking mind - showcases each band flowing through territories of prog, math, and metal, creating an intensely wide ranging and heavy hitting experience.

Andrew Elliott, guitarist of After Nations, shared his thoughts on the collaboration: "We definitely share a love of mathy, proggy, metal, experimental songwriting. After getting to spend some time together when our paths crossed on a few tours, we all just vibed. Eat the Sun is one of those bands that feel like they’re completely doing their own thing in their own way, and with no bullshit, no posturing. Just intense, heartfelt musical expression, and this immutable desire to create. They feel like kindred spirits or something - it’s surreal to have met them, and to now be sharing in music with them. When Dave suggested doing a split, no persuasion was necessary - that guy’s sort of my senpai."

David Sandoval of Eat the Sun (and Elliott’s confessed senpai) added: "It's really cool when you get to collaborate with like minded people in this world. Especially when you have really weird minds. When Eat The Sun was first talking about doing a split, we thought, what band do we know that just makes us say "Fuck Yeah!" Luckily, After Nations was totally down. Being able to combine that crazy, spastic, sincere music that both bands create, and to share that in a split just felt right to us. We both just seem to love each other's tunes and vibes like they were our very own. It's pretty rad."

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