After Nations Announce New Album Release, Tour, and Lineup

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After almost two years of relative quiet since the release of their last album and US tour, After Nations has returned with host of huge developments. The band has announced the release date for a new album, dates for an upcoming US tour, and the addition of a new touring lineup. The album, Consteleid, will release on August 1st, and be available on bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify. Describing it, guitarist Andrew Elliott offered, "This is definitely our most ambitious work to date. I've really focused the past few years trying to develop as both a song-writer and guitarist, and in working with Travis and Zack to create something that feels like it represents where we are musically. I think the ideas and themes all feel more developed, more mature, more focused - and the album feels more expansive in the sonic ground it covers. I hope people will experience and feel that when they hear it."

They'll be debuting the new album across the US midwest, southwest, and west coast later this summer. This time around, however, they'll be joined by an additional guitarist, David Sandoval (Eat the Sun, Chaff, Kenaima). Elliott again, talking about the decision: "In the past, I've written guitar parts for albums that I have to condense down for live performances. I couldn't play everything that's there, it's just not possible, so I'd focus on critical parts and cut other things. With this album, I just didn't feel we could do that. The writing is all interdependent; everything has a place, every part is serving the music. It just doesn't have the same energy, feeling, or texture without all of it being played live. So I reached out to Dave - an incredible musician and friend from past tours - and asked him if he'd want to join us. He was down, and here we are."

Tour dates and locations are below, along with a preview of the upcoming album. Fans of The Mars Volta, Russian Circles, Animals As Leaders, and The Fall of Troy will feel in familiar territory, while experiencing something altogether different in the intense approach to heavy, shifting, instrumental psych-prog of After Nations.

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8/17 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge

8/18 Colorado Springs, CO @ Triple Nickel

8/19 Denver, CO @ 7th Circle

8/21 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Underground

8/22 Boise, ID @ The Olympic

8/23 Salem, OR @ The Space

8/24 Portland, OR @ Kenton Club

8/25 Seattle, WA @ The Central

8/29 Oakland, CA @ Elbo Room

8/30 Las Vegas, NV @ TBA

8/31 Phoenix, AZ @ Rogue

9/1 Albuquerque, NM @ TBA

Recyclable Sounds (Russia) Reviews 'The Bearing Point'

After Nations - 'The Bearing Point' (2016)


Kansas City, Missouri American instrumental, experimental prog band After Nations announced the release of their second full-length album, entitled "The Bearing Point".


After Nations was established in 2012 - first as a solo project of guitarist Andrew Elliott. In 2014 he released the project's first formal EP,  "Unveil Panoptica". Later in the same year, with the participation of Tyler Mehaffey and Alexander Thomas (bassist and drummer respectively), recorded, produced, and released their first full length album, "Wake of the Mendacon". In June 2016, a vinyl split, "Hypnagogia" was released with the band Eat The Sun (Denver, CO), and in August, "The Bearing Point" was released in digital format in anticipation of a summer tour.


Andrew Elliott is now playing with a new lineup (Travis Baker and Zack Krishtalka on drums and bass respectively), but the new 7 track, 35-minute was performed and recorded by the previous lineup (Andrew Elliott - guitars, effects; Tyler Mehaffey - bass; Alexander Thomas - drums). The single off of the album, "The Laceront Arc" (released last fall) is available now (at The style in which After Nations plays from the single to the full-length remains consistent. It is entirely instrumental and experimental - prog: very dynamic, agile, explosive, emotionally overwrought (and obviously inspired by the work of Omar Rodriguez Lopez and The Mars Volta).


Not that After Nations doesn't have their own ideas... but the feeling is that their ideas are brought to life and inspired by this particular artist. That said, the trio performs at the highest level, and they shoulder the implementation of the most complex and daring design decisions. Well, if you're a fan of TMV, then be sure to listen.


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Выход второго полноформатного альбома под названием “The Bearing Point” анонсировала американская инструментальная экспериментал-прог группа AFTER NATIONS из Канзас-Сити штата Миссури.


After Nations

AFTER NATIONS были учреждены в 2012 году – поначалу как единоличный проект гитариста Andrew Elliott. В 2014-ом он обнародовал свой первый опыт – EP “Unveil Panoptica”. И в том же году, с участием бас-гитариста Tyler Mehaffey и барабанщика Alexander Thomas, записал, спродюсировал и выпустил на компакт-дисках первый полноформатный альбом AFTER NATIONS, который назывался “Wake of the Mendacon”. В июне 2016-ого трио выпустило 10-дюймовый сплит-винил “Hypnagogia” с группой Eat The Sun, а августе в преддверии грядущего тура заявило о выходе “The Bearing Point” в цифровом формате.

<a href="">The Bearing Point by After Nations</a>

Andrew Elliott сейчас играет с новыми партнерами по трио, но 7 номеров, включенных в 35-минутный новый альбом, записаны прежним составом: Andrew Elliott (гитара, эффекты), Tyler Mehaffey (бас) и Alexander Thomas (ударные). Прошлогодний сингл “The Laceront Arc” включен. Стилистика, в которой играют AFTER NATIONS на “The Bearing Point”, никаких заметных изменений не претерпела. Это полностью инструментальный экспериментал-прог: очень динамичный, подвижный, многонотный, взрывной, эмоционально взвинченный (и совершенно очевидно инспирированный творчеством Omar Rodriguez Lopez и The Mars Volta).


After Nations

Не то чтобы у AFTER NATIONS не было своих идей… но ощущение таково, что всех их идеи рождены и воплощены в жизнь под влиянием совершенно конкретного исполнителя… Ну а поскольку исполнительская техника всех участников трио на высочайшем уровне, то им по плечу реализация самых сложных и смелых конструкторских решений. Полюбопытствуйте на досуге… Ну а если являетесь поклонником TMV, то послушайте обязательно.


After Nations

Слушать/скачивать на Bandcamp | AFTER NATIONS на Facebook

AFTER NATIONS Stream Their Entire New Album 'The Bearing Point' via Bandcamp

Pure Grain Audio

Kansas City rock trio After Nations released their new album The Bearing Point on Monday, August 8th - just prior to our summer tour - and you can now stream it in its entirety via the Bandcamp embed below. The band’s sophomore full-length release features an emerging sense of identity and style from the group - with the result being a rapidly shifting and almost maddeningly paced ride across a vast and changing musical landscape.

The seven track album is a truly psychedelic journey that touches on elements of jazz, metal, and psych-rock, but which ultimately leads into uncharted territory. The flow of ideas is torrential and can be disorienting at first, but upon closer inspection one finds the hallmarks of careful deliberation.

Emerging from a solo project of guitarist Andrew Elliott that began in 2012, After Nations has developed into a hard-hitting and focused trio. Influences like The Mars Volta, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Russian Circles can be heard in their sound, but a personality and energy that is something else entirely stirs in their live performances and recordings.

After Nations release new album "The Bearing Point"

PunKanormal Activity

Kansas City rock trio After Nations have announced the official release of their new album, The Bearing Point, just ahead of their US summer tour. The band’s sophomore full length release, The Bearing Point features an emerging sense of identity and style from the group – with the result being a rapidly shifting and almost maddeningly paced ride across a vast and changing musical landscape.

The seven track album is a truly psychedelic journey that touches on elements of jazz, metal, and psych-rock, but which ultimately leads into uncharted territory. The flow of ideas is torrential and can be disorienting at first, but upon closer inspection one finds the hallmarks of careful deliberation.

You can listen to the album below and get it on Bandcamp.

The Bearing Point  is the follow-up to “Wake Of The Mendacon” released in 2014.

AFTER NATIONS Release Live in-Studio Music Video for "The Order of Things"


After Nations have just released a live video for "The Order of Things", a new song off of their upcoming full-length album, The Bearing Point. Recorded at Mystery Ton Studios during an east coast tour last fall, it offers an up close and rapid-fire performance by the trio, and showcases their heavy, mathy approach to instrumental psych-prog.

Emerging from a solo project of guitarist Andrew Elliott that began in 2012, After Nations has developed into a hard-hitting and focused trio. Influences like The Mars Volta, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Russian Circles can be heard in their sound, but a personality and energy that is something else entirely stirs in their live performances and recordings.


Just Announced: After Nations 2016 US Tour

PunKanormal Activity

After Nations have just announced their summer 2016 tour, during which the trio will be performing across the US midwest, southwest, and west coast. They will be supporting the release of their latest album, The Bearing Point, and once again showcasing their distinct and intense approach to heavy, mathy, instrumental psych-prog.

You can check out the dates and locations along with a preview of the upcoming album below.


The Bearing Point comes out August 8th and will serve as a follow-up to “Wake Of The Mendacon” released in 2014.

Tour Dates (TICKETS

8/10 Lawrence, KS – Replay Lounge
8/11 Wichita, KS – Kirby’s
8/12 Lawton, OK – The Railhead
8/13 Houston, TX – The Red Light at Springbok
8/14 San Antonio, TX – Imagine Records
8/16 Austin, TX – Hotel Vegas
8/17 Midland, TX – Kamiposi
8/18 Santa Fe, NM – tba
8/19 Albuquerque, NM – Burt’s Tiki Lounge
8/20 Scottsdale, AZ – Pho Cao
8/23 Los Angeles, CA – The Mint
8/25 Eugene, OR – Old Nick’s
8/26 Seattle, WA – Sunset Tavern
8/27 Portland, OR – The Analog Cafe
8/28 Salem, OR – 50 West
8/30 – Chico, CA – tba
8/31 – Reno, NV – The Holland Project
9/1 Las Vegas, NV – House of Wonk
9/2 Provo, UT – Muse
9/3 Colorado Springs, CO – Flux Capacitor

AFTER NATIONS Releases Split 10" Vinyl 'Hypnagogia' with EAT THE SUN on CrassFed Records

Pure Grain Audio

Prog-stronaut projects Eat the Sun and After Nations have announced that they are releasing a split this summer. Scheduled to be the premiere release of CrassFed Records, the 10” vinyl will feature two new songs "Blackout Blinds" and "Wake the Vessels". The split’s title and concept, Hypnagogia - the state of threshold or transitional consciousness between the sleeping and waking mind - showcases each band flowing through territories of prog, math, and metal, creating an intensely wide ranging and heavy hitting experience.

Andrew Elliott, guitarist of After Nations, shared his thoughts on the collaboration: "We definitely share a love of mathy, proggy, metal, experimental songwriting. After getting to spend some time together when our paths crossed on a few tours, we all just vibed. Eat the Sun is one of those bands that feel like they’re completely doing their own thing in their own way, and with no bullshit, no posturing. Just intense, heartfelt musical expression, and this immutable desire to create. They feel like kindred spirits or something - it’s surreal to have met them, and to now be sharing in music with them. When Dave suggested doing a split, no persuasion was necessary - that guy’s sort of my senpai."

David Sandoval of Eat the Sun (and Elliott’s confessed senpai) added: "It's really cool when you get to collaborate with like minded people in this world. Especially when you have really weird minds. When Eat The Sun was first talking about doing a split, we thought, what band do we know that just makes us say "Fuck Yeah!" Luckily, After Nations was totally down. Being able to combine that crazy, spastic, sincere music that both bands create, and to share that in a split just felt right to us. We both just seem to love each other's tunes and vibes like they were our very own. It's pretty rad."

For more information, please visit: or


After Nations releases live video for “The Laceront Arc”

PunKanormal Activity (CAN)

Prog rock trio After Nations have released a live, in studio video for their recently released single, “The Laceront Arc”. Recorded during their fall tour at Mystery Ton Studios in Monrovia, MD, it offers an up close look as these instro-shredders move through the mathy, prog-metal weirdness of the new single.

“I really can’t stand having days ‘off’ while on tour, you know?”, says guitarist Andrew Elliott. “You’re on the road, you spend months and months planning things, and you’re there to share your music with as many people as possible. Sometimes things don’t pan out – a show gets dropped, a local band cancels, whatever – and you’re left with an open day. Sometimes those are opportunities – you just have to look at them in a different way. This video is a perfect example – a friend of mine in DC told me to reach out to Kenny (Mystery Ton Studios), so I did, and instead of sitting on our asses on a Monday in Baltimore, we made this killer video.”

The band plans to announce a new lineup in spring, and to release its next full length album, “The Order of Things” this summer.

You can watch the video below and get the single right HERE.

After Nations announces “Arc” Tour

PunKanormal Activity (CAN)

Kansas City prog rock trio After Nations are embarking on their second tour of 2015, during which the band will be performing across the US midwest and east coast. They will be supporting the upcoming release of their latest single, The Laceront Arc to come out October 14th.

Audiences can expect the trio to launch into their rapid-fire sets, sudden meter changes, and sharp pivots from gravity-of-Jupiter-crushing riffs to lighter, Explosions in the Sky inspired moments, all in a way that ultimately feels intuitive and purposeful.

Tour dates are below and tickets can be found HERE.

After Nations’ most recent album,  “Wake Of The Mendacon“, came out last December.


10/15 Columbia, MO – PDM
10/16 St. Louis, MO – The Demo
10/17 Chicago, IL – Quenchers
10/19 Cincinnati, OH – Urban Artifact
10/20 Cleveland, OH – Wilbert’s
10/21 Buffalo, NY – The Lair
10/22 Boston, MA – The Milky Way
10/23 Brooklyn, NY – The Rock Shop
10/24 Annapolis, MD – The Metropolitan
10/25 Richmond, VA – tba
10/27 Greensboro, NC – The Blind Tiger
10/28 Atlanta, GA – tba
10/29 Nashville, TN – Springwater
10/30 Joplin, MO – Blackthorn
10/31 Kansas City, MO – Californos

After Nations: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

After Nations Announces Allotype Tour - Summer 2015‏

Circuit Sweet (UK)

Prog rock trio After Nations are setting out on their summer tour this May, during which the band will be thundering across the US southwest and west coast. They will in part be supporting their recent full-length album, Wake of the Mendacon, but will primarily be debuting new songs slated for their upcoming release, The Order of Things (scheduled to drop later this year).

Their tour west has them on a brief whirlwind of shows in over 20 cities, where they’ll be setting the minds of audiences alight with their distinct, thrashy, and intense style of instrumental prog.

A full list of dates and their animated music video for “Soliram Pillars” can be found below:

5/7 Lawrence, KS – Jackpot Saloon

5/8 Wichita, KS – Kirby’s

5/9 Houston, TX – Alley Kat

5/10 Austin, TX – Lucky Lounge

5/11 Fort Worth, TX – 1919

5/12 Amarillo, TX – The 806

5/14 Albuquerque, NM – Duke City Sound

5/16 Scottsdale, AZ – Rogue

5/17 Tempe, AZ – Tempe Tavern

5/18 El Centro, CA – Stranger’s

5/19 San Diego, CA – The Jumping Turtle

5/20 Los Angeles, CA – Silverlake Lounge

5/21 Oakland, CA – tba

5/22 Eugene, OR – Luckey’s

5/23 Seattle, WA – High Dive

5/24 Portland, OR – Liquor Store

5/26 Chico, CA – 1078 Gallery

5/27 Fresno, CA – CYC

5/28 Las Vegas, NV – tba

5/29 Santa Fe, NM – Ghost

5/30 Colorado Springs, CO – Seven-One-Grind Fest

5/31 Denver, CO – 7th Circle


Emerging from a solo project of guitarist Andrew Elliott that began in 2012, After Nations has developed into a hard-hitting and focused trio whose current lineup have been described as “… a fiery, turbulent bunch of proggy instro-rockers, quick-shifting through different time signatures and sharp-edged riffs so fast it’ll make your head spin.” (Space City Rock – Houston, TX). Influences like The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Mars Volta, and Russian Circles can be heard in their live performance – but a personality and energy that is something else entirely stirs in their sound. | @AfterNations


Yes, Indeed! 2014 Rundown - After Nations

Space City Rock (Houston, TX)

...a trio down from Kansas City, After Nations, who play some very, very cool, thoughtful, heavily proggy instro-metal, the kind that makes me think of Scale The Summit or Animals As Leaders, although they’re a lot more reserved and restrained than either of those bands tend to be. It’s interesting, though, because while they’re relatively low-key, there’s also a current of menace, of nervousness, of desperation boiling up from beneath the spiraling prog-rock guitar lines and stutter-stop rhythms; these guys are really good at holding back just enough to hint at what’s truly there. They remind me of Co-Pilot that way, actually, especially because some of those guitar lines seem to take a spaceward turn at times… To make things even cooler, the band’s got an animated video for “Gilgamesh III” which is pretty neat to see; like their music, it’s both low-key and tense at the same time.

See more at:

TentaclEars - Show Recommendation, After Nations

TentacleEars (San Diego, CA)

“Clearly influenced by great post rock artists like Mogwai and The Mars Volta, After Nations is a fire tornado of sound. Each track, each chord and each arrangement begins with just a little spark, like a dropped glass acting as flint, until the momentum builds and breaks in a rolling cresendo of flame. At times it can be beautiful and glorious in it’s oxidated release of energy with inspiring waves of divergent and pliant organization that comes across unexpected like the approaching intensity of heat. This take on rock stems from a belief that mainstream rock with formulaic progression is bland due to predictability. For those of you completely comfortable with spontaneity it’s easy to note how jazz influenced the experimental take on rock right down to it’s solely instrumental perspective. Ultimately, the sound is loud with an artistic point of view that inspires a release of energy that without warning can be explosive.

After Nations is a young band formed in 2012 and currently reside in Kansas City. Being modern, the band used Kickstarter as a campaign to fund the band’s endeavors.  The trio consists of Andrew Elliott shredding the guitar with wicked style, Tyler Mehaffey providing a heavy bass and Trent Utley bringing mad percussion skills. Together they create a feel that is loud, in your face and full of energy. They integrate the three instruments in such a way that it feels both harmonious and clashing in an exciting juxtaposition. Unveil Panoptica, their latest EP, released this April and the band is currently touring the sound.” ~ TentacleEars

SXSW Overflow 2014: Day Four (After Nations, Take One Car, Jacob Latham, The Hat Madder, jungles!!!, Doomsquad, & More)

 Space City Rock (Houston, TX)

“…these Kansas City guys are a fiery, turbulent bunch of proggy instro-rockers, quick-shifting through different time signatures and sharp-edged riffs so fast it’ll make your head spin. They teeter on the edge between more metal folks like Pelican and Russian Circles and more flat-out prog people, while throwing in some Tom Morello-style guitar tricks and spacerock-y atmospheres and generally trying to paint some kind of a mental picture. The end result is damn impressive, kind of like a Midwestern cousin to Houston’s own Sunrise and Ammunition, and I’m liking what I’ve heard quite a bit.” ~ Space City Rock

SXSW Day One: Zorch, La Migra, Illya Kuryaki and the Valderammas and more

The Pitch

“We ducked in, and quickly out, of some venues, based on what was on the stage in front of us – just because it’s at South By doesn’t automatically make it good. But the “let it happen” mantra I was trying to accept did result in a few unexpected and delightful discoveries – among them, Kansas City’s own After Nations.

Made up of guitarist Andrew Elliott, bassist Tyler Mehaffey and drummer Trent Utley, After Nations was blaring some thrashy prog-rock from inside the Karma Lounge so loudly, I’m pretty sure the boys will be paying for it later. No matter. I’ve never had my face melted off so completely by a band before. Just annihilated. And for a crowd of fewer than 20 people. This is what people talk about when they talk about the “magic” of SXSW: the surprises, the coincidences, the surreal finds.” ~ Natalie Gallagher

After Nations’ outlying after dark blaze

The Advocate (CU Denver - Denver, CO)

The garage has been the fundamental abode of many a band; Seventh Circle Music Collective’s garage was where Kansas City instrumental prog-rockers, After Nations, pulled into on Oct. 15, showcasing its wildly diverse set of instrumentally voluptuous tunes. Keep in mind, this was no ordinary garage. What would normally have been an unimposing home, Seventh Circle iswedged in between two desolate buildings near Federal and 7th.

A creaky metal door provided a portal into the backdrop of the night. The walls were so plastered with band stickers it was hard to even tell how it originallyexisted, a sign of the history that the lone garage had contained. Used drumsticks littered the ceiling like a bed of needles, and the stage was a small and intimate affair. While the venue, thankfully, takes in an enjoyable variety of genres, it is indeed the epitome of the dilapidated punk paradise.

There was a meditative tranquility about the setting. The faint hum and whir of the heater buzzed above a beat up couch perched off to the side, host to a comfortably curled up lone couple. They were in for a treat, as the experimental and therapeutic drone musician Of Earth And Sun, and fellow progressive instrumentalists Solterra warmed up the stage, and the crowd. While the audience was sparse and scattered about, it provided a very comfortable hangout to take in the ambiance of the harmonious noise.

The garage door at the back of the venue provided the only, yet uniquely efficient way for the bands to load in their piles of equipment. As quickly as the last set ended, After Nations’ set had begun full force. “Latrocinium Cabal” was the song of choice to introduce the unknowing audience to the band’s fresh and instrumentally chaotic sound.

Immediately, they stood apart as a formidably unique addition to the ever-expanding instrumental prog-rock genre. Despite the band’s high-energy performance, the audience was disappointingly passive. This hardly fazed the band,as the band’s drummer, Trent Utley, was all smiles and flailing limbs throughout the whole set. Guitarist Andrew Elliott did not hold back as he furiously picked at his guitar strings, while shuffling all about. Bassist Tyler Mehaffey swayed to and fro, providing a controlled restraint that pulled the performance together.

“The Agodox Crown” was an all new track from the band’s upcoming EP, for which they are currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. Jazzy-groovy in feel, it provided a sultry-sexy interlude into the frenzying finishing track “Gilgamesh II.” Or so they thought, until an audience member shouted, “One more!” And so they played one more, as a trio of moshers somehow mustered up the strength to release their pent up energy.

After Nations proved that enthusiasm for innovation is still fully present in the musical industry, and the Seventh Circle was the perfect underground match for their passionately spellbounding performance. The band is to be heard, and the venue is to be experienced. Both are still fairly unknown, but their alternative appeal will assure this won’t be for long.

~ Vy Pham