After Nations


Never Doubt the Worm


Emerging from a solo project of guitarist Andrew Elliott that began in 2012, After Nations has developed into a hard-hitting and focused quartet who have been described as “… a fiery, turbulent bunch of proggy instro-rockers, quick-shifting through different time signatures and sharp-edged riffs so fast it’ll make your head spin.” (Space City Rock – Houston, TX). Influences like The Mars Volta, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Russian Circles can be heard in their sound – but a personality and energy that is something else entirely stirs in their live performances and recordings.

Four man-boys.

Unlimited prog action.

The worm goes undoubted.

Zack Krishtalka - Bass Dave Sandoval - Guitar Andrew Elliott - Guitar Travis Baker - Drums



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PunKanormal Activity’s “Best of 2018”

“Consteleid” is a fierce brain-crushing instrumental album. Seriously I don’t know how those four guys come up with these vibes and beats. It’s scary – in a positive way.

~ Bruno Beaulieu | PunKanormal Activity | Thousand Island Records

The Bearing Point

"Hypnagogia" is a split release between experimental prog groups Eat the Sun and After Nations.

The title refers the state of consciousness between being asleep and awake, between consciousness and un/subconsciousness. It’s a grey space of experiencing that can connect the surreal and abstract to more anchored, plausible experience. Each song represents a pole on that spectrum of sleeping|waking, but shifted towards the ways in which people conceptualize their world, relationships, and experiences.

"Wake the Vessels" explores the issue of individuals not valuing critical thought and mindfulness as a condition that lends itself to exploitation and the perpetuation of things like authoritative knowledge/power, to hegemony. Of participating in the shaping of meaning without being aware of it, and without having a voice in it. It's a perspective that highlights the dangers of being naive to how meaning is created, transmitted, altered, and sustained.

"Blackout Blinds" shifts focus to a different tendency, and explores the ways in which some individuals may know better, or may have an awareness of some of the processes of how meaning and power are manipulated, but they choose to keep their heads down, and shut out any kind of awareness of responsibility that they may have in that system/process. The view Eat the Sun provides isn't focusing on naivete anymore, it's focusing on a kind of ignorance - willful ignorance.

The interplay of having these two songs juxtaposed with one another, and framed with this idea of Hypnagogia, gives a glimpse into concepts and values that Eat the Sun and After Nations try to express and explore musically (and philosophically). The vinyl has been a way of adding a kind of weight to the whole experience, and helps to approach and engage the music in a different light.