After Nations Announce New Album Release, Tour, and Lineup

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After almost two years of relative quiet since the release of their last album and US tour, After Nations has returned with host of huge developments. The band has announced the release date for a new album, dates for an upcoming US tour, and the addition of a new touring lineup. The album, Consteleid, will release on August 1st, and be available on bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify. Describing it, guitarist Andrew Elliott offered, "This is definitely our most ambitious work to date. I've really focused the past few years trying to develop as both a song-writer and guitarist, and in working with Travis and Zack to create something that feels like it represents where we are musically. I think the ideas and themes all feel more developed, more mature, more focused - and the album feels more expansive in the sonic ground it covers. I hope people will experience and feel that when they hear it."

They'll be debuting the new album across the US midwest, southwest, and west coast later this summer. This time around, however, they'll be joined by an additional guitarist, David Sandoval (Eat the Sun, Chaff, Kenaima). Elliott again, talking about the decision: "In the past, I've written guitar parts for albums that I have to condense down for live performances. I couldn't play everything that's there, it's just not possible, so I'd focus on critical parts and cut other things. With this album, I just didn't feel we could do that. The writing is all interdependent; everything has a place, every part is serving the music. It just doesn't have the same energy, feeling, or texture without all of it being played live. So I reached out to Dave - an incredible musician and friend from past tours - and asked him if he'd want to join us. He was down, and here we are."

Tour dates and locations are below, along with a preview of the upcoming album. Fans of The Mars Volta, Russian Circles, Animals As Leaders, and The Fall of Troy will feel in familiar territory, while experiencing something altogether different in the intense approach to heavy, shifting, instrumental psych-prog of After Nations.

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8/17 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge

8/18 Colorado Springs, CO @ Triple Nickel

8/19 Denver, CO @ 7th Circle

8/21 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Underground

8/22 Boise, ID @ The Olympic

8/23 Salem, OR @ The Space

8/24 Portland, OR @ Kenton Club

8/25 Seattle, WA @ The Central

8/29 Oakland, CA @ Elbo Room

8/30 Las Vegas, NV @ TBA

8/31 Phoenix, AZ @ Rogue

9/1 Albuquerque, NM @ TBA