Yes, Indeed! 2014 Rundown - After Nations

Space City Rock (Houston, TX)

...a trio down from Kansas City, After Nations, who play some very, very cool, thoughtful, heavily proggy instro-metal, the kind that makes me think of Scale The Summit or Animals As Leaders, although they’re a lot more reserved and restrained than either of those bands tend to be. It’s interesting, though, because while they’re relatively low-key, there’s also a current of menace, of nervousness, of desperation boiling up from beneath the spiraling prog-rock guitar lines and stutter-stop rhythms; these guys are really good at holding back just enough to hint at what’s truly there. They remind me of Co-Pilot that way, actually, especially because some of those guitar lines seem to take a spaceward turn at times… To make things even cooler, the band’s got an animated video for “Gilgamesh III” which is pretty neat to see; like their music, it’s both low-key and tense at the same time.

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