After Nations release new album "The Bearing Point"

PunKanormal Activity

Kansas City rock trio After Nations have announced the official release of their new album, The Bearing Point, just ahead of their US summer tour. The band’s sophomore full length release, The Bearing Point features an emerging sense of identity and style from the group – with the result being a rapidly shifting and almost maddeningly paced ride across a vast and changing musical landscape.

The seven track album is a truly psychedelic journey that touches on elements of jazz, metal, and psych-rock, but which ultimately leads into uncharted territory. The flow of ideas is torrential and can be disorienting at first, but upon closer inspection one finds the hallmarks of careful deliberation.

You can listen to the album below and get it on Bandcamp.

The Bearing Point  is the follow-up to “Wake Of The Mendacon” released in 2014.